Diamond pendants – fiery beauty for all occasions and all your jewelry

Men and women have, since the dawn of time, sought ways to adorn themselves with objects of beauty.  Prehistoric man may have taken a beautiful, small rock and use a blade of grass or a vine to hang it around his neck – the very first pendant.  Over the millennia, as man has developed and progressed, so has his desire for beautiful and valuable objects that serve no purpose other than to show their beauty and enhance the look of the wearer.

The Venus of Hohle Fels, is possibly the first known example of the use of a pendant by man.  Found in Germany in 2008, this piece dates back approximately 35,000 years.  This prehistoric object, carved out of a Mammoth's tusk, depicts what is clearly a female body.  However, instead of the head, there is an eyelet which suggests that it may have been used as a pendant.

Throughout time, pendants have been used to symbolize many things including:

  • Identification symbols
  • Symbols of power.
  • For protection.
  • Religious affiliation
  • A sign of recognition and achievement.
  • Ornamentation

It would take many thousands of years, however, before pendants using processed precious stones appeared.  These were first introduced by the Greeks around 600 BCE when they began using amethysts, pearls and emeralds to decorate purely ornamental pendants. 

Today, a diamond pendant is a much desired fashion accessory that perfectly complements your outfit and accentuates your look.  It’s a centerpiece that will draw envious looks from those around you and make you feel special.

And if you’re buying a diamond pendant for someone special in your life, then you can be sure that it will make her look even more gorgeous and desirable.

Here are just a few things you might consider when buying a diamond pendant:

Set yourself a budget.  Prices for diamond pendants may be as low as a few hundred dollars and reach into the millions – so decide what you can afford and stick to it.  Here at Jordan River Diamonds, we make our own pendants using clarity enhanced diamonds.  These are 100%, top quality, genuine diamonds that have been treated to hide minute flaws.  They’re as good as an untreated diamond, but cost up to 40% less.

Remember, the pendant will hang around her neck, so with the pendant you need to decide whether you want it to hang from a chain, be part of a necklace or perhaps a classic, single solitaire diamond pendant hanging from a delicate gold or silver chain.  Remember, the focus of attention is the pendant so the chain shouldn’t clash with the pendant or detract from it.   The material you choose, silver, platinum, white or yellow gold, 14K or 18K and the length is also a consideration. 

What length do you want the pendant’s chain to be?  There are three basic lengths to choose from (but you have a custom made chain as well):

  • Opera –a 24 inch chain that provides a very dramatic look.
  • Princess – 18 inches long.  This is the length chosen by most people.
  • Choker – 16 inches in length and emphasizes the neckline.

Last but by no means least – plan the occasion.  Whether it’s for a birthday, a proposal, an anniversary – choose the right time and place and see the joy on her face as you place her wonderful diamond pendant around her neck.