The JRD Commitment For Ethical Diamonds Trade

We Are Registered Members In The "Stop Blood Diamonds" Association

We at Jordan River Diamonds are committed to doing all in our power to guarantee that every diamond we sell is conflict free!; This is our small contribution towards ensuring a better life for millions of people around the world.

Conflict diamonds (also known as Blood Diamonds, Hot Diamonds or War Diamonds) are diamonds mined in a conflict zone and sold to finance illegal activities, wars, and other human rights abuses.  Revenues from conflict diamond sales have been used to finance wars around the globe that have resulted in the enslavement, death and displacement of millions of innocent people. 

All JRD rough diamonds are purchased from countries and suppliers who are part of the Kimberley Agreement which requires that all rough diamond shipments be in a tamper proof containers accompanied by a non-forgeable, government issued, Kimberly Certificate attesting to the shipments exact contents.

Jordan River Diamonds is also a member of leading Diamond Bourses all of which require that all members only use conflict free diamonds.

For more details about our conflict free diamonds policy, please contact one of our representatives.